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The mysterious black box-shaped architecture of Denton Corker Marshall

At the upcoming Venice Art Biennale, architect Denton Corker Marshall announced an impressive new work – a simple black box-shaped structure looming over the canal. Denton Corker Marshall introduced it with the aim of bringing a new alternative to the current architectural styles that Australia has used since 1988

Built in a park, this project is designed with as simple a criterion as possible. And the architect described it as a ” white box inside a black box.”

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What Denton Corker Marshall introduced to this architectural work:

Our idea for the new Australian architectural style is to create a simple yet powerful, innovative design. Expressing the personality and breakthrough in using materials as well as colors with the surrounding space – it will be an impressive presence of Australia at the Giantini Biennale. A new attraction right in the historic garden and the surrounding booths.

We also want to create a work that transcends space and time, a work as sculptured with the essence and the purest material. The harmony and perfection of the work can make everything melted in Giardini’s space and context.

So, we designed a white box inside the black box, choosing a carefully crafted and careful to ensure the minimal impact of the building on the existing landscape.

Large black granite slabs make the building a dark color outside the surface. Some of the panels can be opened or closed to reveal the interior space in bright white and clean colors that add to the beauty of the works and help to get more natural light from the outside into the building. The purpose of the overhanging panels is to showcase new design ideas for the future and bring a new look, a new look when the exhibition is about to take place.


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