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Discuss ideas with architects

This is the first stage when the owner comes into contact with the design company to exchange information, ideas, and needs for the interior design of the homeowner for the architect.

From the information, ideas, needs that customers provide architects will consult the original information about the design style, optimal space layout, selection of materials auxiliary equipment in accordance with the owner’s desire as well as the financial situation … to help the owner make the right decision right from the beginning.

Sign design contract - design fee

After a preliminary consultation on the design style, incorporating the needs of the customer the party will sign the design contract, specifying the desired design style, design area, design fee, design time and other needs (if any). The cost of AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh is calculated as follows.

From time to time AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh will have incentive programs (will notify customers (if any).

Other terms will be negotiated before signing the contract (if any).

Current survey of construction

Architects, technicians will directly go to your home to measure the status of the overall space (land, living room, bedroom, kitchen, home, garden … ).

These dimensions are collected to help architects, interior designers of AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh design and provide space solutions, layout to help homeowners overcome. and optimize your living space.

At this time the contract of architectural, interior (or exterior) contracting, which specifies the products received by the owner when the design contract ends, is the entire design file. Contours, 3D drawings, technical drawings, cost estimates of materials and materials in the design.

Preliminary architectural design, interior home

From the information collected, the architect or interior designer will prepare a preliminary design (interior design, architecture, kitchen cabinet design). This preliminary design will have drawings of the layout of the reference, along with images of materials suggestive and consulting. Through which the customer will give his ideas, ideas and needs to the designer can edit. This stage can be done in a few times when the exchange contact between the two sides can be completed.

When key ideas are tailored to meet the needs of the host, consistent with the living space that the architect computes the study, the architect and interior design specialist will perform a detailed design step. .

Detailed interior design, architecture.

In this stage, architects and designers have completed the technical design and interior product images in this process. They include: 3D images, perspective, technical drawings, Materials and basic materials used … Kitchen interior design products from AHDesign – Kitchen Xinh – King Place

You can refer to the project of AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh: interior design project, kitchen cabinet design project, architectural design project

Estimation of expenses for construction of interior

The cost estimation of AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh will be estimated by the two parties to estimate the items to get the total cost of accurate design works. for their customers.

In the budget dossier, there will be all items and actual unit prices as follows:

– The volume of materials, construction materials of wood, glass, stone … and their cost.

– Quantity, unit price of accessories, equipment, product information

From this budget profile, customers can balance, adjust prices, increase or decrease based on the selection of appropriate materials, accessories and equipment.

Contract liquidation design and contract negotiation

At this stage AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh will hand over all products designed for customers including: 3D drawings, construction perspective, detailed engineering drawings, cost estimates (materials , equipment, accessories …)

From here, you can learn more about AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh’s furniture production capacity based on the completed works and can visit the actual production. At the workshop furniture, to complete the contract for delivery to the workshop production.

Please note: To avoid assigning companies and individuals unable to meet the demand of construction, affecting the quality of products, aesthetics, whether in any unit or individual. You should also visit the workshop of the establishment to assess to make the correct choice, avoid damage to the family.

Production of furniture at OZEDA Interior Architecture

In the production stage at OZEDA Interior Architecture workshop, if you are not satisfied, you can come to our factory to inspect your product at any time until finishing, so that you can rest assured that the product that is produced with the right quality committed.

Installation of furniture at home customers

Construction in the customer’s home can last a few days or weeks depending on the volume and construction items:

  • If the whole interior decoration such as: bedroom, living room, kitchen, plaster ceiling, the wall decoration, floor, light, sanitation, electricity and water … can last for a long time 1 week to 1 month depending on the number of items.
  • If you do kitchen cabinets, the time of construction in the field during the day can extend for a few days if more items Glass, or special items.

Handover - liquidate the contract

After completion of the project, you will be accompanied by a supervisor of AHDesign – King Place – Kitchen Xinh to take over the volume, quantity and quality of the products. To sign the minutes on hand-over and liquidation of contracts.


Ipsum is simply and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the specimen book.


    Ipsum is simply and typesetting industry been the industry’sstandard dummy text ever since the specimen book.
    This is the first stage when the owner comes into contact with the design company.


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